GerSom is a business development organization , our goal is to be a valued Partner to german and somali businesses, organisations, governments, institutions and individuals with an interest in trade and development to the Horn of Africa.

Our organization based in Germany, achieves this by connecting both business networks, developing businesses and investment opportunities that are beneficial to both communities. GerSom also aims to develop collaborative partnerships between public and private sectors in facilitating more business activities. The initiators of GerSom are Somali Diaspora professionals living in Germany and Somalia. They graduated from German Universities and have many years of experience in corporate businesses. Some of them are entrepreneurs and started their own business in Germany. GerSom is well connected with Somali entrepreneurs as well as their counterparts from Germany.

Our team collaborates across time zones, languages and cultures in supporting entrepreneurs grapping business opportunities. Therefore GerSom is robust bridge that connects the two worlds.

Background of GerSom professionals:

  • Business administration
  • Supply chain management
  • Technology management
  • Business management
  • Business economics
  • Business communication
  • Investment management
  • SME management